Enviropaints Texture Coating System

Enviropaints are manufacturers of well proven water-based texture coatings for exterior and interior claddings, roofing, tennis courts and other specialised areas. Formulated for fibre cement sheets like harditex and hardiflex along with gibraltar board, concrete, concrete blocks, concrete roofing tiles, masonry surfaces, polystyrene, plaster stucco and plastics. Consult our sales team to discuss the best product for your job. Product data sheets are also available.

Different finishes or swirl effects can be achieved by using different brush or spraying techniques. Coverage will depend on surface texture and effect required.

Ensure surface is clean and all moss, mould, grease and other contamination is removed. The NZ Building code insists on extended durability. Enviropaints 10 year guarantee covers product only and product must be applied in accordance with our specifications.

Available in 4, 10, 20 and 200 litres.

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